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The highly anticipated and long awaited NEW CD from Rick & Lesa is here!  18 all original songs from the powerful pens of
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Island Soul is no longer in production and has been replaced with the new
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Something Smooth is no longer in production and has been replaced with the new

"Hits & Picks" CD.


life in the key of lesa track list
1.  amazingly amazing
2.  get your feet on the floor
3.  hard to have the blues
4.  mixed emotions
5.  it's a better thing
6.  sending out an sos
7.  girl's gotta do
8.  just let me love you
9.  I do love you
10.  shame on you
11.  here to there
12.  every day lord
13.  when you look at me
14.  i'm hungover
1.  New Beginning
2.  A Long Time Ago
3.  It Is What It Is
4.  I've Got My Mind Made Up
5.  Euginia
6.  The Last Thing On My Mind
7.  The Rest Of Me
8.  She's Got It All
9.  Think About Me
10.  Face To Face
11.  Joy (feat. Lesa Hudson)
12.  Tear It Up


1. Amazingly Amazing (Lesa)

2. It's A Better Thing (Lesa)

3. Santa Can You Teach Me How To Shag (Lesa)

4. Here To There (Lesa)

5. Nice Try (Rick)

6. Mystery (Rick)

7. What Might Have Been (Rick)

8. End Of The Line (Rick)

9. Who Could Ask For More (Tony)

10. Why Aren't You Falling Too (Tony)

11. So Much In Love (Tony)

12. Identity Song (Tony)









1. Beggin'

2. Wishing

3. You Don't Have A Thing To Lose

4. The Best Of You

5. Guess You Had To Be There

6. I'm Gonna Be Your Friend

7. I'm Hungover (f. Lesa Hudson)

8. Our Little Secret

9.  Halo Of Blue

10. Little White House

11. Lucky

12. Don't Cry

13. You Saved My Life

14. You Ought To Be Ashamed

15. Father



1.   Every Now And Then

2.   Gonna Come A Day

3.   Hangin Out

4.   Pretending

5.   Watch Yourself

6.   I'd Rather Be Your Friend

7.   Harbor Lights

8.   Think It Over

9.   Little Diva

10. Alive Til 95

11. Let's Take Our Time

12. Hey What You Say

1.   I'm Happy
2.   Nice While It Lasted
3.   Love The Night Away
4.   Welcoming Her Back Home
5.   I Don't Wanna Know
6.   She Can't Fix Grits
7.   Your Love Is My Rock
8.   My Heart Belongs To You
9.   Devil Made Me Do It
10. Best Love
11. We've Got It Made
12. Counting The Days
13. I Miss You
14. One Step Closer
15. Party Til The Break of Dawn
16. Something Smooth
17. Bubba White
18. So Do I

1.   Over And Over
2.   Something's Gotta Give
3.   Shing Yo Ling
4.   Moth To A Flame
5.   Just So You Know
6.   Two Faces
7.   Got To Be With You
8.   Whatever You Do
9.   If You Don't Want Me
10. Mr. Heartache
11. Experience
12. You're Not Alone




1.   Only You
2.   Can't Help Lovin' On You
3.   Falling For You
4.   Baby Baby
5.   When You Look At Me
6.   Win My Heart
7.   Try
8.   You Make The Good Times Better
9.   Just To Wake Up Next To You
10. Sweet Wonderful You




1.    I've Got Your Back

2.    Fever

3.    Life Boat

4.    I'll Give You More

5.    I Wanna Know You

6.    Why You Wanna Pick On Me

7.    Faith

8.    I Forgive You

9.    Forbidden Fruit

10.  Addicted

11.  Back To Square One

12.  If Our Love Must End


1.    Bubba Whites

2.    Love The Night Away

3.    I'm Happy

4.    Best Love

5.    I Need Some Money

6.    So Do I

7.    Your Love Is My Rock

8.    Winner

9.    Nice While It Lasted

10.  Together We'll Find Our Way

11.  I Don't Wanna Know

12.  Bad Situation


1.    I Believe

2.    I Miss You

3.    One Step Closer

4.    She Cain't Fix Grits

5.    Welcoming Her Back Home

6.    Party 'til the Break of Dawn

7.    The Devil Made Me Do It

8.    Something Smooth

9.    We've Got It Made

10.  Counting The Days

11.  Laughing All The Way To The Bank

12.  My Heart Belongs To You

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